Websites hosted by Machine IT Services are hosted on dedicated servers that use static IP addresses, meaning our servers’ external IP addresses remain constant. This is the address your domains, or websites, resolve to, and should be considered permanent. Although you could add our server IP addresses manually to your DNS, either with your registrar or other DNS management system, such as Cloudflare, we also offer the ability to manage your DNS through our control panel if utilize the following nameservers:

  • (Additional servers will be added in the future)

Our nameservers have proprietary systems in place that ensure the automatic update of IP addresses for domains we manage in the unlikely event of a server failure or we migrate servers. We are also official partners of Cloudflare, and will assist in implementing our proprietary updates for any domains you host with us and manage with them, provided your Cloudflare email and Global API key. Please only send this information securely via email or through our contact form.

We also offer a Cloudflare Setup service, for those interested in enhanced security and protection for your site. This would include the registration of your domain on Cloudflare, as well as the configuration of your DNS, and optimization of your site via their CDN.

For your security, our server external IP addresses are not disclosed to any person(s) or organization(s), nor posted anywhere on our site. We only provide this information once said party has completed the checkout (i.e. paid for) a plan or service that requires it.

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