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Intel AXXRMM4 Server Management Upgrade,Remote KVM Server Management Upgrade option

$99.00 (as of December 5, 2018, 7:09 PM)

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Intel Remote Management Module 4 (Intel RMM4) is an add-on hardware-based module available for selected Intel Server Products. Intel Remote Management Module provide an additional connector for the dedicated network connection and adds extensive remote management capabilities.

Intel RMM4 is an optional upgrade module includes two components: Intel Remote Management Module 4 Lite (Intel RMM4 Lite) and Intel Dedicated Server Management NIC (Intel DMN).

Intel RMM4 Lite is an activation key that enable advanced management features of server onboard Integrated BMC (ServerEngines Pilot III Baseboard Management Controlller). The user can access Integrated BMC advanced management features including remote KVM via onboard BMC-shared NICs (BMC channel 1/chanel 2).

Intel DMN can provide a dedicated management LAN interface with an Ethernet controller. The Intel DMN is only for Integrated BMC management communication (BMC channel 3), and cannot be shared with OS.


  • IPMI 2.0 Features Support
  • Hot-swap Fan Support
  • Diagnostic Beep Code Support
  • Power State retention
  • ARP/DHCP Support
  • E-Mail Alerting
  • Embedded Web Server
  • KVM over LAN
  • Remote Media Redirection
  • Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager Support


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